CBD Advertising: How Do CBD Advertising Laws Affect My Business?

While it seems like CBD products are popping up everywhere from cafes to restaurants, they still exist in a legal gray area. The FDA released statements this year decrying the ability of companies to advertise CBD products online or in retail environments. While this can have a big hit on your business, the limits of CBD advertising don’t have to be catastrophic.

Here are three things to consider when advertising your CBD products and walking the legal tightrope.

1. Not For Food

The FDA prohibits industrial hemp from being added to food products, which sets back a lot of small businesses in the CBD industry. If you’re making food products that contain these elements and you want FDA approval, it’s going to be difficult.

If you’re looking to advertise that these products contain CBD, you won’t be able to until marijuana is nationally decriminalized.

However, there are ways to sell food products without FDA approval. If you don’t mind waiting for the FDA to come around, you can still build a following for your products. Legalization is around the corner, so it’s only a matter of time.

2. The FDA Claims There’s No CBD Without THC

While manufacturers and companies selling CBD products know better, the FDA claims that there are no definitive health benefits of CBD. Companies can’t claim the health benefits as of yet.

On top of that, according to the FDA, they’ve found THC in trace amounts in every CBD product they’ve tested. This means that, in their minds, every CBD product is equivalent to a bag of marijuana.

This is frustrating for CBD product manufacturers, as it means that advertising CBD products also means that you’re advertising illegal drugs. Without the FDA approval, it’s an illegal product. Until the narcotic aspects are removed according to the FDA, no advertising for CBD products can be done.

3. Go In a New Direction

Rather than being stifled by these rules, look at this as an opportunity. Do you worrying about what the FDA thinks about your products or how you’re going to advertise your CBD products?

Look at this as an opportunity to talk about the great things that your products have to offer aside from CBD. Don’t compromise the quality of your products, but expand on your offerings. When the FDA finally comes around, you’ll be perfectly poised to unleash your products onto the world and let people know about them.

Word of mouth is powerful and if you’re creating great products that people know and trust, you’ll have a strong customer base ready to expand later on.

CBD Advertising Is Being Strictly Controlled

If you want people to be aware of your product while working within the limitations of CBD advertising you’ll need to be creative and take more time to plan. With CBD companies being accused of false advertising and advertising controls in place it’s hard to be a small business selling CBD products right now. By sticking to the facts and toeing the line, you’ll still build your audience while waiting for authorities to catch up. Still need help? Enlist the help of a professional.

If you’re still in the planning phases, check out our guide for building a business from scratch.

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